Flaming Lips - Unconsciously Screamin chords

standard tuning

chords used: C5 Bb5 F5 C Bb Fe-----------------0----1----1------------------------------------------|B-----------------1----3----1------------------------------------------|G--5----3---------0----3----2------------------------------------------|D--5----3----3----2----3----3------------------------------------------|A--3----1----3----3----1----3------------------------------------------|E------------1--------------1------------------------------------------|
*note* i think there's a second guitar strumming the full chords under the distorted fifths, but i might be wrong; my stereo sucks. so play it how you want.
C5Seeing the unseeable / filling down the void
We're not what we used to be / we're not really boys
C5 Bb5 F5Screaming till our lungs our full / kicking down the teeth
C5We're not what we used to be / we're just paranoid
Bb5 F5 C5Unconsciously screamin' and whispering at everything she brings
and that's pretty much it. for the bridge/instrumental, just play these chords.
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