Flaming Lips – The Observer tab ver. 2

The Flaming Lips
The Observer (tab)
The Soft Bulletin

This song only has two sections: the riff and the bridge.
The riff is really straightforward, but the bridge is more based on improvisation.

Main Riffe|---7-----8-5--|---7-----8-5--|---7-----8-5--|-7-----5-----4--------------|B|-5-----5------|-5-----5------|-5-----5------|---8-----6-----5---(3-3/5)--|G|--------------|--------------|--------------|----------------------------|D|--------------|--------------|--------------|----------------------------|A|--------------|--------------|--------------|----------------------------|E|--------------|--------------|--------------|----------------------------| (The little bit in parentheses at the end is optional)
Bridgee|---------|B|-10-8----|G|------9--| (Improvise around these three notes)D|---------|A|---------|E|---------|
The guitar in the bridge is not prominent in the mix and does not have a definitive structure. He basically improvises using these three notes for the entire bridge. Listen closely to the bridge and you'll understand what I mean. Here is the song layout: 0:10-1:44 - Main Riff x2 1:45-2:24 - Bridge 2:24-end - Main Riff x2
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