Flaming Lips - Are You A Hypnotist Acoustic tab

Artist: Flaming Lips
Album: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
Song: Are You A Hypnotist?
Transcribed by Daniel Paul
Tuning: Standard
                             (Tabbed for acoustic guitar)
                                based on C Major scale

Slowly strumming… G# A# e|--4~-----6~-----|B|--4~-----6~-----|G|--5~-----7~-----|D|--6~-----8~-----|A|--6~-----8~-----|E|--4~-----6~-----|
LEAD: C Cmaj7 G7 G G7 G G G7 C Cmaj7E|-2~--0~--2/3--0~----1~--x---x--1--x---3/(4)-1~---2/3--0~--0--x--0/2-3~--|B|-1---1---1----0-----0---3~--x--0--3~--0-----0----1----1---1--3--1---0---|G|-0---0---0----0-----0---0---x--0--0---0-----0----0----0---0--0--0---0---|D|-2---2---2----2-----0---0---x--0--0---0-----0----2----2---2--2--2---2---|A|-3---3---3----3-----x---x---x--x--x---2-----2----3----3---3--3--3---3---|E|--------------------3---3---x--3--3---3-----3---------------------------|
Strumming… C/G Cmaj7 G G7 G Ce|----0-------0------3-------3-------3--0-------|B|----1-------0------0-------0-------0--1-------|G|----0-------0------0-------0-------0--0-------|D|----2-------2------0-------3-------0--2-------|A|----3-------3------2-------2-------2--3-------|E|---(3)-------------3-------3-------3----------|
(loud strumming) What is this?… Am G6 Am Em e|---0-----0----|---0----0-----| B|---1-----0----|---1----0-----| G|---2-----0----|---2----0-----| D|---2-----0----|---2----2-----| A|---0-----2----|---0----2-----| E|---------3----|--------0-----|
(loud strumming) Waving you powers around… F G Ame|---1------3-------0----------|B|---1------3-------1----------|G|---2------0-------2----------|D|---3------0-------2----------|A|---3------2-------0----------|E|---1------3------(0)---------|
(SOLO): just in case you want one C Cmaj7 G G G7 e|----0-------0------3-------3-------1-------|B|----8-------8------3-------0-------0-------|G|----9-------9------0-------0-------0-------|D|---10-------9------0-------0-------0-------|A|----x-------x------2-------2-------x-------|E|----8-------8------3-------3-------3-------|
CHRONOLOGY: INTRO: VERSE: (chords) LEAD: VERSE I: C Cmaj7 G G7 G C I had, forgiven you, for tricking me, again C Cmaj7 G G7 G C But I had, been tricked again, into, forgiving you CHORUS: Am G6 Am Em What is this? Are you some kind of hypnotist? F G Am Waving your powers, around BRIDGE: G# A# C The sun eclipse behind, the cloud LEAD: VERSE I: C Cmaj7 G G7 G C I thought, I recognized your face, amongst, all of those, strangers C Cmaj7 G G7 G C But I am, the stranger now, amongst, all of the recognized CHORUS: Am G6 Am Em What is this? Are you some kind of hypnotist? F G Am Waving your powers, around BRIDGE: G# A# C/G The sun eclipse behind, the cloud (SOLO): (BRIDGE): end on C/G
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