Flaming Lips - It Overtakes Me tab

I don't know about everyone else, but personally I feel like the end of this song is 
in all respects. I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet so it looks like I shall be 
first person to tab it out. Flaming Lips, if you read this, I apologize if I made any mistakes.

There's a lot of synth/organ business after the bass and drums fade out, "Do I stand a 
is sung, blah blah... then we get to the good part, from left to right:

C#m - - - C#m - - -
G#m - - - G#m - - -
C#m - - - C#m - - -
C#   - - -   C# - - -
F#m - - -  F#m - - -

and end on C#m. Those are the underlying chords, what they are doing is just 
using the shapes a little higher on the fretboard, starting on the C#m chord shape at the 9th fret 
both E strings.
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