Flatfoot 56 - The Rotten Hand chords


G C G Build your brother up, tear your anger down
Dthrow your fist into the air
G C GTell all your friends that you'll stand strong until the end
D Glet them all know their Father cares
[Instrumental part]: G C G D - G C G D G
G C GI've been alone since the day I was born
DLiving my life just for myself
G C GJust drinking and eating, but never believing
D GGoing to church just for my health
One day the man of God stood and he told me the Father's got a plan for my life Well this news hit my head, like a punch from uncle Ned So I went and found me self a wife [Chorus] Well I found me self a girl, who was lovely as a pearl Until she turned out to be a man Well I puked and I screamed, cause she wasn't as she seemed Man, I got dealt a rotten hand [Chorus] [Instrumental part]: G C G D - G C G D G Well the moral of my story was the tale of my pride It's my own selfishness that lied For if I follow my own plan, I will falter at the end My Father's got a plan for my life So now I follow Him with my back turned from sin Lead me on my Father Adonai I will be your man, I will be the one to stand Thanks for being the guide of my life [Chorus] [Fade Outro]
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