Flatt And Scruggs - My Cabin In Caroline chords


G C GThere's a cabin in the pines in the hills of Caroline
DAnd a blue eyed girl is waiting there for me
G C GI'm going back some day from her I'll never stray
D GFor she means all the world to me
C G Oh the cabin in the shadow of the pines
D And the blue eyed girl way down in Caroline
G C G Some day she'll be my wife we'll live a happy life
D G In the cabin in the hills of Caroline
G C GI'm packing my grip for that long long trip
DBack to the hills of Caroline
G C GWant to see that blue eyed girl she's the sweetest in the world
D GAnd the cabin in the hills of Caroline
G C GAnd when it's late at night and the moon is shining bright
DAnd the whippoorwill is calling from the hills
G C GThen I'll tell her of my love beneath the stars above
D GThat I love her and I know I always will.
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