Flaw - Amendment tab

okay these are the tabs for everthing up to the chorus, when i figure out more
ill post them.

tuned- C G C F A D (one whole step down on all strings, then one more step down
on low E string)

p= pulloff
*= palm mute

use flange, phase, and overdrive

Verse: DistortionD---------------------------------------------------A---------------------------------------------------F---------------------------------------------------C---------------------------------------------------G-2p-6p-4p-0*-0*-0*-0*-2p--2p-6p-4p-0*-0*-0*-0*-4p--C-2p-6p-4p-0*-0*-0*-0*-2p--2p-6p-4p-0*-0*-0*-0*-4p--
it does that, switching off the end note on the 2nd fret and 4th fret Chorus: Distortion with extreme high end
i think thats the chorus, but it sounds like there might be one more chord im missing. anyway thats all i have for now, later....
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