Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal tab version 1

		 "WHITE WINTER HYMNAL" off album "Fleet Foxes"(2008)
Tabbed by: Les Gibson

Tuning: Standard

--VERSE (after vocal intro)

I was following the pack all swallowed in their coats
with scarves of red tied round their throats 

to keep their little heads from falliní in the snow
And I turned íround and there you go

And, Michael, you would fall
              B                    A
and turn the white snow red as strawberries
in the summertime.


E Ae|---------------------------|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|---------------------------|G|------------------4--------|---------------------------|D|----------4-6-------6--4---|--4--6-------4-----4-------|A|---4-6h7------4-7--------7-|-----------------7---7--4--|E|---------------------------|---------------------------|
F#m Ee|---------------------------|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|---------------------------|D|---------------------2-----|---------------------------|A|-(4)-----------4-2-4---4-2-|----2--4/6--4--------------|E|---------------------------|--4------------------------|
--VERSE: repeat of before --BREAK: same as before. x2 (with added few measures) --VERSE repeated with just vocals. well that's it then! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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