Fleet Foxes - He Doesnt Know Why tab

Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why 

Capo 1st fret.
F	      G               F         G
Penniless and tired, let your hair grow long,
      Dm             Am             Em          F
I was looking at you there and your face looked wrong,
C           Dm     Em     F 
Memory is a fickle silent song
I didn't understand

C/F/G/F x2

F           G            F       G
Image and a light as the morning nears,
          Dm           Am           Em       F
you don't say a single word of your last two years
         C       Dm     Em          F 
Well you will be, you'll reach the frontier
I didn't understand, oh

F                 G           F      G
See your wringing hands and a silver knife
       Dm              Am            Em      F
Twenty dollars in your hand that you hold so tight
        C        Dm      Em      F 
All the evidence of your vagrant life 
My brother you were born

F                   G           F   G
And you will try to do what you did before
         Dm             Am          Em      F
Pull the wool over your eyes, for a week or more
         C      Dm       Em      F
Let your family take you back to your 
Original mind.

        C             C   
There's nothing I can do
        F             C
There's nothing I can do
        C             C
There's nothing I can say
        F             C              
There's nothing I can say
I can say

My first tab. Enjoy.
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