Fleet Foxes - Im Losing Myself Feat Ed Droste chords

This song blew me away- also how easy it was to play.
It's just fingerpicking all through the song. 
Actually quite easy - try different stiles, and you'll get it.
Do be gentle - it's my first tab.
It seems pointless to divide the song into verses, so hope can handle a non-versed tab:

It's just these chords: Am-C-Am-C-Em-C (and on and on... 'til the D)

Intro: Am (continues on ...)

C Am CI'm a fast breather, I'm a heather star
Em CAnd alone at the end of the day, I am just like the gathering fog
Am C Am CI'm a slow mover, I'm the best laid plans
Em CAnd alone at the end of the day, I just sit with my head in my hands
Am C Am CBut we speak easy and we seldom fight
Em CAnd I chew on the bones of the day while you sleep soft and warm in the night
D(!) C D CAnd I can't see you, with anyone else
Em CEven if that means holding you down, even if that means losing myself
Am C Am CHe's a smooth talker, and he shaves his face
Em CAnd I wonder if you look at me and instead see him taking my place
Am C Am CBut I do need you, and no one else
Em CAnd I hope you're around and forgiving, when you see me losing myself
Em/D CDa-da-da-da
Em/D CDa-da-da-da
Em/D CDa-da-da-da
Em/D CDa-da-da-da
Continue with the traditional chords... Outro: D-C-D-C
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