Fleet Foxes - Battery Kinzie chords

 "Battery Kinzie"(Pecknold)
  From "Helplessness Blues"(2011)
  Capo 5th fret, Dropped D Tuning (DADGbe)

Recurring riff: D-5-4-2-4 A-x-x-x-x (Lowest three strings) D-5-4-2-4
D G D G D I woke up one morning,all my fingers rotten
G D A D I woke up a dying man without a chance
G D G D I came to your window,threw a stone and waited
G D At the door, a stranger stood
A D G D The strangers voice said nothing good
G D G D I turned to walk the frozen ground
G D Alone... all the way home (RIFF X2)
D G D G D G D Wide-eyed walker Do not wander, Do not wander
E A D Through the dawn.... (RIFF X2)
Both my eyes are fading,no light in the evening Planted like a seed in sand, and drowned in rain Watch you for an hour,He kept you beneath him He kept you on lock and key He paid the wage you send to me And waste the day so idly Alone... all the way home CHORUS X2
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