Fleetwood Mac - Jewel Eyed Judy tab

This is the solo played over the chords.....in calibration with Chris (my bro)
Chords to song to follow.......


    > = bend down/ half bend
    h<= hold bend up until r
    ~~= vibrate
     h= hammer on
     /= slide up
     \= slide down


e-----------------------------------------| b-----------------------------------------| g-----------------------------------------| d--------2--4>-22--------2---2---2---4/6--| a--2--4------------2--4----4---4----------| e-----------------------------------------|
e-----------------------------------------| b--------5~~--7h<-7777r--5---5---55-------| g--4--6--------------------6---6----------| d-----------------------------------------| a-----------------------------------------| e-----------------------------------------|
e---------7---7---------------------------| b--7 g---------------------6------------6------| d--------------------------------------2--| a-----------------------------------------| e-----------------------------------------|
Play with feeling........enjoy
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