Fleetwood Mac - Peacekeeper chords

Peacekeeper – Fleetwood Mac
Chords by Burton Colter
Please email me if you find any mistakes!  Cheers

Capo 3

Intro Em – 2 bars

1st Verse
Em CWe make all of our sons the same
DEveryone will suffer the fire we’ve made
Em CThey all explode just the same
DAnd there’s no going back on the plans we’ve laid
Em Am DPeacekeeper take your time
G EmWait for the dark of night
Am DSoon all the suns will rise
Em Am DPeacekeeper don’t tell why
G EmDon’t be afraid to fight
Am DLove is the sweet suprise
2nd Verse
Em COnly creatures who are on their way
DEver poison their own well
Em CBut we still have time to hate
DAnd there’s still something we can sell
Chorus Bridge
C EmWhen the night is cold and still
C EmWhen you thought you’d had your fill
C EmTake all the time you will
C EmThis is not a test, this is not a drill
C EmTake no prisoners only kill
3rd Verse
Em CYou know all of our friends are gods
DAnd they all tell us how to paint our face
Em CBut there’s only one brush we need
DIt’s the one that never leaves a trace
Chorus x 2 Bridge
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