Fleetwood Mac – Jumping At Shadows chords

Based on the live version included in 
the compilation "Alone With The Blues"

G7 C9 What can you say? There isn't much to tell.
G7 A7 I'm going down hill, and i blame myself.
C9 A7 C9 I've been jumping at shadows,
D9 G7 C9 G7 D9thinking about my life.
Everybody points their hand at me. I know I'm just a picture of the way I should have been. I've been jumping at shadows, just thinking about my life. Solo: C9 G7 Em C A D God have mercy cause I think I'm going insane. The devil's been gettin' at me, and you know he's got me down again. I've been just jumping at shadows, thinking about my life.
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