Fleetwood Mac - Running Through The Garden tab

This song rocks and actually all songs on the album 'Say you will' do.
To be more exact... Fleetwood Mac rocks!

The way it was tabbed before is not correct. The chords should be:

E#m  E 7
     B 8
     G 9
     D 9
     A 7
     e 7

C#m  E 3
     B 3
     G 5
     D 5
     A 3
     e 3

D#m  E 5 
     B 5
     G 7
     D 7
     A 5
     e 5

(When the names of the chords are wrong... Blame me... Sorry)

The song starts with the E#m. It's being strummed in a light pattern.
Play the chords with this pattern in the following order twice
E#m  C#m  D#m  E#m 

Then Stevie starts to sing en the drums kick in. The pattern gets heavier. Listen
to the song for the right tempo, timing and strumpattern.

you go on playing like this.

You can hear another guitar playing throughout the song
It plays the following:

E------------------------B------------------------ etc.G-12-11-9/7---12-11-9/7--
I always end the verses and this riddle with
E-----------B--8-8------ though I don't know if Lindsey does this the same.G-9------9--
Lyrics You can find the lyrics in the album or in the other post. Remember that the "emphasis" is on the D,G,B,E Like promised here's the solo. Listen to the cd for timing and vibratos (etc) It's not totally correct because lindsey does a lot more (vibratos, double snare-fingerpicking etc) then tabbed here, but when you play the solo as tabbed it'll sound great. ~ means bend / means slide to hp means hammer-on followed by a pull-off
E---------------------------------------- ----10-------------------B--------------~8~---8-~10~/12--10/8-~10~ -10---10-8-------8-8-8---G-9-9-7-9-9-7-9----9--------------------- -----------11/7-9-9-9-~9~D---------------------------------------- -------------------------A---------------------------------------- -------------------------e---------------------------------------- -------------------------
E--10--~10~---------- ------------------------------ B-9--9-----8/10/12--8 -8-12-8-10hp--8-10-12-8-10hp--G-------------------- ------------9--------------~9~D-------------------- ------------------------------A-------------------- ------------------------------e-------------------- ------------------------------
Then it fades into the song and the song continues At the end Lindsey plays this solo again but plays the notes twice and does some of those double snare-fingerpicks again wich I really can't tab out simply because it's to hard to hear. Though if you play the notes twice you can perfectly play along with the song. Well that's about it. I hope I made lots of people happy with this tab. I also hope everything is correct. If you think it's not... please contact me about the mistakes so I can change them or add your tips to my way of playing
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