Fleetwood Mac - Sunny Side Of Heaven tab

I wanted to play this song and realized there was no tab out there.
And good thing! It was easy enough for me to figure out, so I made 
some real progress in realizing my personal abilities, but for researchers
out there, this is my take. 
DISCLAIMER: Sometimes certain parts were a bit muffled under the other 
instruments, I slowed the song attempted for the best precision possible 
by ear, and this is what I came up with. 
Your advice and corrections are always welcomed.
Without further ado, here she is:

Fleetwood Mac - Sunny Side of Heaven
Tabbed By Eric Anderson Eric.Anderson@quinnipiac.edu
Standard Tuning


Decending riff in "Ab" scale: [E Bm]

Main Riff Chords: [E B A | G#m F#m E | E B A]

Back to decending riff: [E Bm]

Bridge: [G#m A E | G#m A E]

Main Riff



Guitar 1's "descending riff":
E Bm E Bm E |-16-14-12-11-10-----------------------------||----------------14-12-10-9-7-5-4-3-2-0------||---------------------------------------2-1--||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2's "Main Riff":
E B A G#m F#m E |---------------------2h4-2-0*----------------------------||---------------4-5----------*-0h2p0----------------------||-------------4-----6--------*---------4------------------| |-------4-456----------------*------456--p6h4p4---4--4h6--||---4-7----------------------*-----------------7---7------||-7--------------------------*----------------------------|
Guitar 1's "descending riff": (Played 2X)
E Bm E Bm E |-16-14-12-11-10-----------------------------| |----------------14-12-10-9-7-5-4-3-2-0------| |---------------------------------------2-1--| |--------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------| |--------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2: It is here I hope to show the overlapping main riff over the descending except there is a change to the main. Just this riff is repeated over the desencending from this point onward.
E Bm E Bm |-2h4-2-0*-----------------2h4-2-0---------------| |--------*-0h2p0--------------------0h2p0--------| |--------*---------------------------------------| |--------*---------4-h6-b4---------------4h6-b4--| |--------*---------------------------------------| |--------*---------------------------------------|
Guitar 2's "Bridge": This part was a bit tricky to decipher from the recording, but It will work quite satisfyingly with the chords. The endings after the stars are most ambiguous and seem to be very lightly played as a sort of drift into the next round.
G#m A E G#m A E |-------------------------------------------------------*-----||-----------7h9-7h9p7-5---------------------------------*-----||-4---4h6-4-------------6h8p6-4-------4-6/8-6-----------*----4||---6---------------------------6-4-----------7-6h7p6---*456--||-----------------------------------7-----------------7-*-----||-------------------------------------------------------*-----|
Slight variation on the ending on the second time around:
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