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From:   Susann Davis [jsdsa@westol.com]
Sent:   Thursday, January 08, 1998 7:29 PM

That's Alright
As written by Stevie Nicks
Recorded by Fleetwood Mac
>From the album "Mirage"
submitted by Susann Disbro-Davis (jsdsa@westol.com)

capo 2nd fret

A                                       E
Meet me down by the railway station
D                                       A                  E         Bm
I've been waiting and I'm through waiting for you
The train sings the same kind of blues
A                                         E
Well I don't know why I always trusted
D                                            A
Sometimes I think that I must have,
   E               Bm                                     D
I must have been crazy, crazy to wait on ya baby

Well I turned around and got pushed down, baby
                                E                               Bm
Now I decided yesterday that I would leave you
I'm alright

A     F#m
Please  I've been takin my time
A     F#m                 A
You know it's been on my mind
                   E                                    Bm
I hope you find a love, your own designs of love
          D               A
that's alright, that's alright.

A                               E
Now I believe, I believe that I know you
D                                                 A          E
cause we been a long time, now I got to show you
     Bm                                                 D
that I , well I never did believe in time
you know, changin anybody's mind
                        E                               Bm
Now I can't define love like it should be
                        D                               A
but that's alright, that's alright.

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