Fleming And John – Ugly Girl tab

Ugly Girl
by Fleming and john
Tabbed by ear, so im not 100%

Chords played throughout songE:0-----0-----: :-0-----0---:B:2-----4-----: :-0-----2---:G:2(x5)-4x(5)-:(x2) then:-1(x5)-2---:D:2-----4-----: :-2-----2---:A:0-----2-----: :-2-----0---:E:0-----0-----: :-0-----0---:
Chorus main theme (little percussion sounds)E:---------------0-0--:B:---4-4-0-2-2-2--2-2-:G:1-1-----------------:D:--------------------:A:--------------------:E:--------------------:
Guitar Riff The beginning of the song has part 1 being played 3 times This is played during the bridge (part that goes la la la la) it goes part 1->1->2->1 then 1->1->2->2
Part 1 part 2E:---2/4------: :-----------: B:0h2---------: :0h2-2/4----:G:------------: :-----------:D:------------: :-----------:A:------------: :-----------:E:------------: :-----------:
Outro verse is played strummed lightly
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