Flickerstick – Got A Feeling tab

Chords Used
D5  (x577xx)
C5  (x355xx)
F5  (133xxx)
A5  (577xxx)

(Keyboard and bass background)

(Rex comes in - palm muted)E------------------|B-----13------13---|G---12--12--12--12-|D-10------10-------|A------------------|E------------------|
I got a feeling, it's a feeling That you'll never understand It's like a rush to my heart That I hope never ends But it all depends It's a power such a power A sensation that is changing how I feel about you It's all brand new The fight is far from over There's nothing left to prove D5 C5 F5 (hold for "cause i'm in..") Prechorus --------- D5 C5 F5 (hold) Cause I'm in charge Let's just sail away tonight
E--------17-15~------------|B--13-15-------------------|G--------------------------| (Play 2 Times)D--------------------------|A--------------------------|E--------------------------|
Chorus ------- Cause when you A5 Get what you want C5 Then you make it F5 Don't take it away If you break it Don't save it A5 C5 Just run away F5 Just run away (cutoff back into verse progression but now with chords) Just run away C5 F5 Verse 2 (same riff w/ chords stummed 5 times each fast and cutoff) ------- C5 So can't you see that we're the same F5 Because there's no one else to blame The only one's who can handle C5 Their share of the pain F5 It's just a game C5 I thought I'd never get away F5 Another trip another day I think I've seen you before C5 It's all the same the friends they come and go F5 The years just fade away D5 C5 F5 (hold for "so step in...") Prechorus --------- D5 C5 F5 (hold) So step in line Cause we're breaking out this time (bass) Chorus (same progression and hold at the end..) ------ Verse/outro ----------- (come in strong with same progression w/ chords) Got a feeling It's a feeling That you'll never understand I couldn't live without the rush It's a must Don't you break out Don't fake out Don't sell out Don't sell out Don't sell out You compromise every word you say Chorus/outro (same progression - till cutoff ending on C5)
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