Flight Of The Conchords – Pencils In The Wind Tape Of Love tab

Consider this an addition to a pre-existing tab created by CougarCarlson, who
made some minor errors, but nonetheless captured the overall mood and basic chord
sequence of the song.

G           G/F#              Em7    Am
    Life is like retractable pencils,
                    Am7               D    Dsus4
if you push it too hard, it's gonna break.


It is more or less the same chord sequence throughout. To give some sort of
timing perspective, if you don't have a copy (although why you would want to play
it in this case, I'm not sure), here's a handy time guide:

Tempo: 70bpm (Folk The World tour) 77bpm (TV Series)
4/4 Time
L: Lyrics

|G| |G/F#| |Em7| | | |Am| |Am7| 

G : 	320033
G/F#:	220033
Em:	022033
Am:	x02210
Am7:	x02010
D:	x00232
Dsus4:	x00233

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