Flight Of The Conchords – Cheer Up Murray tab

                  Cheer Up, Murray - Flight Of The Conchords                   

Chords Used:

E A F#m C#m D Dmaj7 D7 G Gm Em e|--0--5---2----4---5----5-----5--3---3---7--|B|--0--5---2----5---7----7-----7--3---3---8--|G|--1--6---2----6---7----6-----5--4---3---9--|D|--2--7---4----6---7----7-----7--5---5---9--|A|--2--7---4----4---5----5-----5--5---5---7--|E|--0--5---2----x---x----x-----x--3---3---x--|
E A E Cheer up Murray, don't let it get you down A E Pick yourself up off the ground F#m It's gonna be alright E A E Cheer up Murray, you look a little sad A Your life ain't so bad F#m Just think of all the good times C#m D Remember your 33rd birthday A E You threw a great big party C#m D And all of your friends were there for you A E Jemaine, Greg, and me C#m D A E We brought you a cake in the shape of a four and a three A E 'cause we all thought you were forty three D You got a dog, he loves you Murray Dmaj7 It's one hell of a dog, it's an English bulldog D7 And you've got a car, don't you Murray G It's an '03 Accord, only one previous owner Gm And you've got a job, you've got all of your limbs D You've got a sensitive nose, and you do Tae Kwon Do E You're good at matching your ties to your clothes A You've got a wife, though she comes and goes
A little riff is played here:e|--5-4--------|B|------7------|G|--------4-6--|D|-------------|A|-------------|E|-------------|
C#m D Some people don't return your calls A E They don't return your calls C#m D People will call you Gingerballs A E They'll call you Gingerballs C#m D Those people don't know what they see A E They just see Gingerballs A E Gingerballs D G D Cheer up Murray, it's time to forget G D Your wife met someone on the net Em Let's go and get an ice cream D G D Cheer up Murray, so nothing goes your way G D It's the same every day Em D Well, tomorrow is another day...
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