Flight Of The Conchords – Petrov Yelyena And Me tab

Here's the lyrics along with the chords. For the right strumming just look at the other
These lyrics are the ones to the youtube video of them playing it, not the ones on their
the World Tour CD. Link to the video down below. Sorry about the chords being kind of 
together. I had it all spaced out but for some reason it shmooshes together.
email me if they want a version where the chords aren't shmooshed.

(i dont the names of these chords, so I'll just make them up)
A: 577655
B: 779997
C: 557775
D: 466544
E: 355433
F: 244322

    A                                B
Petrov, Yelyena, and me. Lost, but happy, at sea
    C                       A     B       C
Petrov and Yelyena said to me "Shouldn't we have something to eat?"

  A                D         E          F
I say "There are plenty of fish in the sea"
    C         B         A
But all they can see... is me.

   A                                                   B
They say, "Any last requests?" Biding my time, I say "Yes.
   C               A              B    C         A
I want to party, just we three. Lost, but happy at sea."

So we drank all night from the keg
I passed out, then awoke with one leg
I said, "Petrov, have you seen my leg?"
    B                 C           A
He said "No" and he went back to bed....
       B          C         A
But he looked suspiciously well fed.

  A         D          E      F
Three days later they were hungry again
  C         B          A
They said, "Any last requests, my friend?"
I said, "Do you know the Rolling Stones?
Like we were at a rock concert, you know? Ya. Drinking Coca-Cola,
and we got big time? No. Ya, it was a hilarious, hilarious moment in a very bleak bleak
of my life."

So we danced all night to the Rolling Stones,
  A                      B
when I awoke they were chewing on bones.
  C                   A
Yelyena was supping blood from a cup,
  B         C        A
that's when I knew something was up.

"What is that you're eating?"
"What I am eating?"
"It looks like a meat."
"It's fish."
"But, it has fingers."
"Fish fingers."
"You see, you remember my arm?"
"Ooh, vaguely."
"Well, this morning I wake up and it has been hacked off at the elbow."
"Oh. That's right, you were very drunk last night. You probably lost it...in a game of chance."
"You are probably right."
"Relax, have some...fish."

Four months now lost at sea,
  A                      B
my friends have almost finished me.
  C                 A
Now they are using recipes....

  B               C     A
Tonight, we are having 'me goering'

"You know the Malaysian dish? With the, umm, meat and noodle, but in this
case, ya? Oh never mind. Silly, silly joke really.
"Bertolt, come have some of this 'you goering' it's delicious."
"How can I, you have eaten all of my leg?!"
*Mocking* "How can I you have eaten all of my leg."

Later that night, while they were asleep,
  A                           B
I swallowed some arsenic to poison my meat
  C                   A
I was very ill, but revenge is so sweet...
  B         C             A
Unlike the last meal my comrades would eat.

"Yes, eat it all up, ah! Not so sweet all of a sudden, hmm?"

(For the 'Oooh' part they play A then bring it up to the first fret, then back down)

When I awoke, they were already dead
  A                   B
All that was left of me was my head...
  C             A
No, not dead, just a head.
  B         C     A
Lost, but happy, at sea.
  B         C      A
Lost, but lonely, at sea.
  C        B
Lost, but so lonely...
At sea


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