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Flight Of The Conchords – Foux De Fa Fa tab

A more accurate version of Foux De Fa Fa.

 This is a very simple song, especially

if you've been working on your jazz chords.

You only need to know two chords to play

this, I have picked the easiest, and most

logical way to play them.

CHORDS (optional)Amaj7 D9 Amaj7(#2)e -x- -5- -4-|B -5- -5- -5-|G -6- -5- -6-|D -6- -4- -7-|A -x- -5- -x-|E -5- -x- -5-| If you can't get the 5 with your thumb,don't worry about it
INTRO Amaj7(#2) Amaj7E--------4------------------------------------------------------|B------5------------------5--------5----------5--------5--------|G----6--------------------6--------6----------6--------6--------|D--7----------------------6--------6----------6--------6--------|A---------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------5----------0---------5---------0-0----------| \ Repeat about 10 times /
The Song Amaj7E---------------------------------------------------------|B--------------5--------5----------5--------5-------------|G--------------6--------6----------6--------6-------------|D--------------6--------6----------6--------6-------------|A---------------------------------------------------------|E--------5----------0---------5---------0-0---------------|
Foux da fa fa D9E----------------------------------------------------|B-------------5---------5--------5---------5---------|G-------------5---------5--------5---------5---------|D-------------4---------4--------4---------4---------|A-------5----------0---------5--------0-0------------|E----------------------------------------------------| Foux da fa fa fa
This just alternates through the entire song, you should play along with the song a couple times (youtube), to find out exactly what words are over what chords, and you'll get the correct tempo that way also. If you want to know the best fingering for the chords head over to's jazz section. Jon.L.
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