Flight Of The Conchords – Issues Think About It tab


I noticed the real chords for this song hadnt been tabbed yet..... so here ya go

Chords used (on an acoustic guitar) Amaj7 F#m7 Bm7 E D C#m7e|-0----2----2---7--5--4----------------------------------------------------|B|-2----2----3---9--7--5----------------------------------------------------|G|-1----2----2---9--7--4----------------------------------------------------|D|-2----2----4---9--7--6----------------------------------------------------|A|-0----4----2---7--5--4----------------------------------------------------|E|------2-------------------------------------------------------------------|
This little riff is used during the verses:
It's all palm muted... After the breakdown its played one octave above:e|------------------------| e|--------------------|B|------------------------| B|-9--99999-10-9-10-9-|G|------------------------| G|--------------------|D|-6--66666-7-6-8-6-------| D|--------------------|A|------------------------| A|--------------------|E|------------------------| E|--------------------|
Verse Amaj7 There's children on the streets usin guns and knives F#m7 Taking drugs, and eachothers lifes Bm7 Killing eachother with knives and forks Bm7 E and calling eachother names lige dork ooh uuh oouooh' Amaj7 There's people on the streets gettin' disseases from monkeys F#m7 Yeah that's what i said, they get disseases from monkeys now there's Bm7 Junkies with monkey-disseas' who's touching those monkeys p-lease Bm7 E Leave those poor sick monkeys alone they've got problems enough as it is Amaj7 A man is lyin' on the street some punks chopped off his head F#m7 I'm the only one who stops, to see if he's dead Bm7 mm mm mm........................... Bm7 E .... Turns out he's dead Thats why where singin' "Chorus" D C#m7 What, What is wrong whith the world today Bm7 What's wrong with the world today, nim??nim??nim??nim??namanay D C#m7 What, What is wrong with the world today Bm7 haay hay, you gotta think about it THINK THINK ABOUT IT! Second verse is the same.. as the first.. When brett (or brit or WHATEVER) starts singin: "Au au au au au au au au au can somebody remove the knife and fork from my legs please?" the "chorus" Chords again.... Afterwards remember to break it down :o) Peace out
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