Flight Of The Conchords – I Told You I Was Freaky chords

Pretty Sure this tab can work for the piano as well, 
The beginning is a little bit tricky but really cool to play 

Gmaj7 Em7 Cmaj7 Am7 Girl... I'm gonna take the month of August of... just to get you off
Gmaj7 Em7 Cmaj7 Am7 I'm Freaky... I'm gonna clear the table top, we're gonna need a mop,
I'm Freaky
G7 F7 E7 Let's take a photo of a goat in a boat
C7 Bb7 A7and we can float in a moat and be freaky. Freaky.
G7 F7 E7 Let's take my body and we'll cover it in honey,
C7 Bb7 A7 Stick some money to the honey, now I'm covered in money, honey
G7 F7 E7 I go outside onto the ledge and push my ass against the
C7 Bb7 A7glass, you can act like you don't know me
G7 F7 E7I take a cup and I put it on my head
C7 Bb7 A7 and I'll just stand there being freakkie with a cup on my head
Ab7 EI told you I was freaky (I told you I was freaky baby)
Ab7 EYou didn't believe me (Don't look at me)
Ab7 EI told you I was freaky (Look at me)
Ab7 EGirl, Let's get freaky
G7 F7 E7Let's make two life-size cardboard cut-outs of our bodies
C7 Bb7 A7and then pose them into sensual positions
G7 F7 E7I'll paint the wallpaper pattern onto your naked skin,
C7 Bb7 A7 stand against the wallpaper and get of like chameleons
G7 F7 E7I'll flip some clips on my lips, I'll clip some chips to your hips
C7 Bb7 A7I'll nibble chips off your hips and watch the moon eclipse
C7 F7 E7I'll go outside and get some leaves and pretend to be a tree
C7 Bb7 A7You can be a squirrel, and store my nuts for me
Ab7 EI told you I was freaky (He told you he was freaky baby)
Ab7 EYou didn't believe me (Take that off)
Ab7 EI told you I was freaky (Put this on)
Ab7 EGirl, I do this shit weekly
C Bb AI want to fly so high in the sky and see what our love brings
C Bb ALet's steal my roommate's pillow feathers and make some homemade wings
C Bb A Gonna fly so high on makeshift pillow wings
C Bb AGirl, can you believe we're flying on homemade pillow wings?
G7 F7Here I am all dressed in snakeskin
E7Now I'm in your kitchen making love to your bake tin
C7 Bb7 Oh no, is this the one you bake in?
A7I told you I was freaky did you think I was fakin'?
G7 F7At eight PM I sell my underpants on Ebay
E7At half-past I hold a seance in your hallway
C7 Bb7At ten o'clock I ask some ghosts for a three way
A7Yes it's creepy, I told you I was freaky
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