Flight Of The Conchords - Sugalumps chords

This isn't exactly what they play in the song. Its just a version I made up.  
In the first verse, any random finger picking pattern should work 

Standard Tuning
Am(Maj7) xx2110
Cadd9      x20010
E7             020100
Asus2      x02200
Am           x02210
Dm           000321
F               133211
F*             668886
G              320022
C              x32010
C*            x35550

Let me tell you...
AmI see you girls checkin' out my trunks
Cadd9I see you girls checkin' out the front of my trunks
FI see you girls lookin' at my junk
E7Then checkin' out my rump
E7Then back to my sugalumps
AmWhen I shake it, I shake it all up
Cadd9You'd probably think that my pants had the mumps
FIt's just my sugalump bump-ba-bump
E7 They look so good, that's why I keep them in the front
Am G C F E7All the ladies checkin' out my sugalumps
F E7They drive the ladies crazy
AmAll these bitches checkin' out my britches
Cadd9Put 'em in a trance when I wear track pants
FMy dungarees make them hungry
E7They're over the moon when I don pantaloons
Am Asus2My sugalumps are two of a kind
Am Asus2Sweet and white and highly refined
Am Asus2Honeys try all kinds of tomfoolery
Am Am Asus2 Am Asus2To steal a feel of my family jewellery
Am Asus2My candy balls cause a cafuffle
Am Asus2The ladies, they hussle to ruffle my truffle
Am Asus2If you party with the party prince
Am Am Asus2 Am Asus2You get two complimentary after dinner mints
AmGirls surround me when I'm standin' on the stoop
Cadd9Givin' me gifts like free chicken soup
FBook tokens, free chicken stoop
E7 F E7 FStandin' on the corner goin' ss-ah-ss-ah
AmWe see you girls checkin' out our trunks
Cadd9We see you girls checkin' out the front of our trunks
FWe see you girls lookin' at our junk
E7Then checkin' out our rumps
Then back to our sugalumps (Instrumental (to the rhythm of the percussion) Am Am(Maj7) Am7 Dm E7 C D
F* C* Gm7All the ladies, they want a taste of my sugalumps
CSweet sugalumps, yeah
F* C* Gm7All the ladies, they want a taste of my sugalumps
C* F*Sweet sugalumps, yeah
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