Flight Of The Conchords - Bret You Got It Goin On chords version 1

Well, looking over the couple tabs that were on here I saw some problems with each, and
lots of things that were correct. So I thought I'd combine and build upon them. I used
people's work as a base and then built upon it. Parts at the end are particularly hard 
to see but I believe it's quite accurate, and more so, much more accurate then previous
attempts. I hope you enjoy. Any corrections I'll be happy to incorporate if I see them 
to be true.

Chords used in this song:
Dm7:   x57565
A7:    575655
Bb7:   x13131
C7:    x35353
F:     133211
G:     355433
Gm7:   353333
Am7:   575555
F*:    x87565
F6:    131211
G7:    353433

Verse 1

Dm7Hey there, Bret
Dm7I see you looking down
Bb7 C7 A7Don’t want to see my little buddy there with a frown
Dm7 C7Just because I get more women than you
Bb7 C7 A7That’s only because they don’t know you like I do.
Dm7 C7Sure, you’re weedy and kinda shy
Bb7 C7 A7But some girlie out there must be needy for a weedy shy guy.
Dm7 C7They want you as a needle when they’re rolling in the hay.
Bb7 C7Just hear me out when I say
Chorus 1
Dm7 A7 F GBret, you got it goin’ on.
Gm7 Am7The ladies get to know your sexuality
C7 Dm7 F*When they get to know your personality.
Dm7 A7 F GI said, Bret, you got it goin’ on.
Gm7Not in a gay way
Am7Just in a hey, mate,
C7 Dm7 F*I want to say that you’re looking okay, mate.
Verse 2
Dm7 C7 Bb7Why can’t a heterosexual guy tell a heterosexual guy
C7 A7That he thinks his booty is fly?
Dm7 C7Not all the time, obviously
Bb7 C7 A7Just when he’s got a problem with his self esteem
Dm7 C7Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not humpable
Bb7Because you’re bumpable
C7 A7 Dm7Well, I hope this doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable
C7 B7If I say you’ve got a boom o wow
Come on, Bret
C7Help me out now
Chorus 2 (All chords up one fret)
Dm7 A7 F GBret you got it goin’ on.
(Bret)I got it goin’ on.
Gm7 Am7That’s the conclusion that I’ve come to
C7 Dm7 F*But that doesn’t mean that I want to bum you.
Dm7 A7 F GBret, you’ve got it goin’ on.
(Bret)Got it goin’ on
Gm7No doubt about it
Am7We’d be getting crazy
C7 Dm7 F*If one of us was lucky enough to be born a lady.
(Now up another fret, 2 frets higher than originally)
Dm7 A7 F6 G7Oh, if one of us was a lady
Verse 3 (These chords continue to be played 2 frets higher)
Gm7 Am7And I was your man, if I was your man
(Hammer on and off on the A string)
Gm7 Dm7 F* Dm7 F* Dm7Well, sometimes it gets lonely
Dm7 A7And I need a woman
F6 G7And then I imagine you with some bosoms
Dm7 A7 F6In fact, one time when we were touring
G7And I was really lonely
Gm7 Am7 Gm7And we were sharing that twin room in the hotel
Dm7 F* Dm7 F*I put a wig on you
F6 G7when you were sleeping
Dm7I put a wig on you
A7Ooh ooh ooh
And I just laid there and spooned you Dm7 Dm7(Slide down to the first and let off) Bret, you’ve got it goin’ on
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