Flight Of The Conchords – Ladies Of The World tab ver. 2

Flight Of The Conchords
'Ladies Of The World'

Note: Chords based on the live performance on Conan. For some chords e.g.
Bbm7, there are two ways of playing it. Bret plays the first (686666) and
Jermaine plays the second (x13121) chord variation but its up to you!

Main Chord Forms:

(Bbm7) (F#m7) (B7) (Fm7)E|--6--------1--------2--------2--------7--------8--|B|--6--------2--------2--------4--------7--------9--|G|--6---or---1--------2--------2---or---8--------8--|D|--6--------3--------2--------4--------7--------10-|A|--8--------1--------4--------2--------9--------8--|E|--6--------x--------2--------x--------7--------x--|
BRIDGE: "Redheads not warheads"
E|--1--------0--------4--------|B|--1--------0--------4--------|G|--2--------1--------5--------| D|--1--------0--------4--------| x2A|--3--------2--------6--------|E|--1--------0--------4--------|
BRET SOLO: "I have a vision" (Played by Jermaine)
E|---------------------| |-----------------------------------------|B|---------------------| |-----------------------------------------|G|----3----------------| |-----------------------------------------|D|---------------------| x2 |-----------------------------------------|A|--1---1-xx1-3-4-3-1--| |----4-----------------2-4-5-xx2-4-5-4-2--|E|---------------------| |--2---2-xx2-4-5-4-2----------------------|
KEY: (x)Mute played I looked at some other chord tabs that weren't completely right and worked out some riffs by watching them live and by ear. I didn't bother displaying lyrics, just look at the chord shapes above and listen to the song to see where they fit in! It's simple from there! If you see any mistakes please leave a comment and rate my tab.
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