Flight Of The Conchords - Im Not Crying tab

"I'm Not Crying" by Flight Of The Conchords

This is how I play it...I can't say if the chords (especially during the bridge
s) are dead-on accurate, but...put it this way: unless you're really particular,
this version should enable you to play a very passable version of the song.

NOTE ON THE INTRO: I find it easiest to play it this way: start off with a Cm
barre chord at the 8th fret (emphasizing the lighter 4 strings) then, from that
position, drop your middle finger to the 7th fret to form the Cm/B chord, then
pick up your middle finger completely to form a C min 7th chord.

(Also, I play the C/B chord like this: Just like a first position Em, but with
your index finger on the 2nd string, first fret. I just leave the 6th and 1st
strings open.) 

OK..here goes:

Cm                Cm/B         Cm7                             G#-Fm
So, you're leaving...I can tell...because I can see you leaving.....

Cm                                    Cm/B
But if youíre trying to break my heart...your plan is flawed from the 
     Cm7                                 G#         Fm
start...you can't break this heart..it's liquid..it melted when I met you...

Cm                             Cm/B                    Cm7
And as you turn around to leave...donít turn back to me...
                                 G#      Fm
Donít turn around and see if Iím crying, Iím not crying...

C              C/B                    Am
Iím not crying, itís just been raining on my face
C                                C/B
And if you think you see some tear tracks down my cheeks, please, 
Please donít tell my mates

C               C/B  Am
Iím not crying, no...Iím not crying
C                   C/B
And if I am crying, itís not because of you
Itís because Iím thinking about a friend of mine
Who you donít know who is dying, thatís right, dying

G#                    F(or Dm7)              F                            
These arenít tears of sadness because youíre leaving me,
     F (or Fm optional)
Iíve just been cutting onions

C   C/B      Am
Iím making a lasagna...for one

Oh, Iím not crying, no!

Thereís just a little bit of dust in my eye
Thatís from the path that you made when you said your goodbye
Iím not weeping because you wonít be here to hold my hand
For your information thereís an inflammation in my tear gland

Iím not upset because you left me this way
My eyes are just a little sweaty today
Theyíve been looking around, they've been searching for you
Theyíve been looking for you, even though I told them not to

These arenít tears of sadness, theyíre tears of joy
I'm just laughing...

C     C/B   Am     Fm
Ha   ha-ha  ha

Sitting at this table called love
Staring down at the irony of life
C                           C/B
How come weíve reached this fork in the road

And yet it cuts like a knife?

        C   C/B
Iím not cry-ing
        Am  G
Iím not cry-ing
Iím not cry-y-y-y-y
Fm        C

Find a friend to sing the (intentionally) ridiculous falsetto part with you at
the end...Guaranteed to crack up everyone with a sense of humor in the
room...plus it's just damn fun to do...
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