Flip Kowlier - Min Moaten tab

Flip Kowlier- Min Moaten

I Think i got a pretty good feel of how it goes. 
I'm not quite sure about the chorus but intro and verses sound allright :) It's not perfect!!

Chords used: C G Em F A D (open chords sound best)

Tuning: standard (EADGBe)

The intro is basic picking on open chords.
Not so hard once you got it down.
When you use a C-chord use your pinkie to place the extra notes. 
It goes like this:

C Fe|-----|--0---0-------3-1----------1~------1-0---0---0-----|B|-----|----1---1---1-----3-1---0--1~----1-----1---1---3---|G|-----|----------0-----------0----2~--2-------------------|D|-----|---------------------------3~----------------------|A|--0-2|--3~-----------------------3~----------------------|E|3----|---------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: -------- You play all chords like below. You start playing the bass note of each chord + 3 (or 4) higher notes on the other strings. Strum the higher notes. According to me it sounds best that way. Try tu mute a little bit.
C G e|--------------------| x2B|---1-1---(0)(0)-----|G|---0-0----0--0------|D|---2-2----0--0------|A|-3-3-3----2--2------|E|--------3-----------|
TLP, e ne party dj... Again from the top (but now only lyrics and which chords you need to play like above) C G C G Tlp, ne party dj Am Em C G moa skratch solo's goa tie nie briengn, ahn F Em A D sex i zun lust en zun levn D(some extra strumming) G~ Tlp, de Gentse porno-king ||Note!!|| 1) At the end of each verse, you play the very first bit of the intro as a starter for the next verse. 2) If you strum, you can occasionally strum a little more with less muting. Same for verse 2 & 3. --------------------- Chorus ------ Here you initially play the chords the same way as in the verses. But gradually you strum more and more and you play a little louder and louder. C G min moaten, min moaten C G Ik zien under grn F C G wuk zoekik doen zonder hidder C G min moaten min moaten C G 'k moete mie soms wrn Am E(m) C D G (Strum these chords, no bass notes) voe nie sentimenteel te doen Verse 4 & 5 ------- Same as other verses Chorus x2 --------- When playing the last chorus the last sentence is Am E(m) C "wuk zoet de wreld zin zonder widder, ah niet" Outro ----- At the end there is a little piece of piano. I tabbed it out below for guitar for those who want to learn it. (It's not perfect though! I think you need to add some bass notes as well)
That's basically it, I think :) Lots and lots of fun!!! (If you can correct, please let me know!!)
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