Flo Rida - Wild Ones chords version 5

I've attempted to work this song out by ear - converted to guitar from piano........

the chords are(capo 1st fret) G, Gsus2, G6/Em7, Gsus2/F#

    G        Gsus2     G6/Em7     Gsus2/F#

----3---- ----3---- ----3---- ----3----|----3---- ----3---- ----3---- ----3----|----0---- ----2---- ----0---- ----2----|----0---- ----0---- ----2---- ----0----|----2---- ----x---- ----2---- ----0----|----3---- ----x---- ----0---- ----2----|
Your ring and pinky fingers shouldn't move from the position they are in when you fret G. a varient on this song is to replace the Gsus2/F# chord with a Cadd9 chord, but I feel it sounds better the way i have tabbed it. so enjoy and any comments are welcomed :)
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