Floater - On The Table tab

now i didnt tab this song
its from the floater fan site
so dont give me any credit
i just thought UG was at a loss without more floater

-2nd guitar stums these chords: A De|-------2-----------------------|B|--2----3-----------------------|G|--2----2-----------------------|D|--2----0-----------------------|A|--0----------------------------|E|-------------------------------|
A D Yeah you come and you go like a breeze just as fast as you're able A D And the last thing that you would ever do is put your cards on the table A D The glow of the neon shows you're only spinning a fable G D I know what you are... I know what you are A D Why does everywhere that you end up feel so crowded? A D Used to think you could find peace but you're starting to doubt it A D Tell me, if no one ever hears what you say then why don't you shout it? G D I know what you are... I know what you are G and it's scaring me to death D G I heard you speak aloud your secret shibboleth A G All of the wisdom of the ancients won't change what's inside of you A G You can close your eyes but that's not gonna take away the view D I know what you are (ending chords) A-D A-D-A-D-A-D-G (outro same as intro) tabed by: dyingmind@yahoo.com
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