Flogging Molly – Life In A Tenement Square tab

This is one of Flogging Molly's tougher songs.  It's only as complicated as you
make it, though.  If you have accordion, tin whistle, fiddle, and electric guitar
players, you don't have to play everything I have here.  I'm just including all
the parts I was able to figure out, with thanks to my guitar teacher for helping
me with the electric guitar solo.
As usual, ^=bend, /=slide up, \=slide down, h=hammer on, p=pull off.

Flogging Molly
Life in a Tenement Square

Intro:  (strum on an acoustic)

Am C D GAm C E _________________ ____________________________________________________ | Accordion | |Tin whistle lead: |e--0-----------------------------------------------------------------------B-----3--1--3--1--0------------1---0-1-3---0--0h1p0------------1---0h1p0---G----------------------2---0h2----------------------0--2---0-2-----------2-D--------------------------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------------------------
Repeat intro chords
Tin whistle: (with distorted chords) A5 C5 D5 G5 A5 D5 E5e--5--7p5----------------------------------------B---------8---5-----------------------------5----G---------------7-----7--4h5p4--------5--7-------D-------------------7----------7--5h7------------A------------------------------------------------E------------------------------------------------
A5 C5 D5 G5 A5 C5 G5 A5e--5---7p5------------------------------------------B----------8---5------------------------------------G----------------7-----7---4h5p4---------5--4h5p4---D--------------------7-----------7---5h7----------7-A---------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------
Verse 1: Am C D G Well I kissed the day, I was on my way Am C E From those cold grey blocks of stone Am C D G For seventeen years of squalor filled tears Am C G Am A time now with innocence lost C G As the sun split the room with its rays filled with gloom Am E7 Turnin’ all hope to despair Am C D G And the only thing left was to flee from the nest Am C G Am That was life in a Tenement Square Interlude: Am C D G Am C G Am Verse 2: I remember the song where the rats sang along And danced for their daily bread While the damp washed the walls that were twenty feet tall Not a child in the house was fed On the porter filled face of the men left no trace Of the coin they had already spent While our mothers asked God what was Hell ever for When you lived in a Tenement Square Bridge: G Am Grab what’s left of the coal from the ole cubbyhole G Am These cinders need more to be a fire G Am While the ghosts of the soldiers that lived there before us C G Am Laugh with their guns by their sides C G Am I hear them laugh, with their guns by their sides Solo: (play it messily!)
Verse 3: Now politicians they dwell in that forgotten Hell Our misery’s been turned into news Where the fat of the land now hog, hand in hand A crime now of life was ever true As the sun split the room with its rays filled with gloom Turnin’ all hope to despair And the only thing left was to flee from the nest That was life in a Tenement Square Repeat Accordion/Tin whistle intro This is still one of my favorite songs ever. Have fun playing it!
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