Flogging Molly – Selfish Man tab

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Band: Flogging Molly

Song: Selfish Man

Album: Swagger

/ a slide
~ tremolo
h hammer on
p pull off
' bend

This is, to my knowledge, the only tab of this on the internet.  WOO!

gnuti seauton


Intro/chorus: (fiddle part)

e //17-17-17/19/17-15-12----//17-17-17/19/17-15~-----|b ---------------------------------------------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
e //17-17-17/19/17-15-12------15-12~~~---------------|b -------------------------15------------------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Intro/chorus: acoustic guitar Am - G - Am - G - Am - G - Em - C - Am The rest of the intro is the same, only distorted with lots of drums Verse: (fiddle and bass only, no guitar)
e //5~~~~~-------------------------------------------|b //5~~~~~-------------------------------------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Just repeat that a few time, with a few tiny variations Bass plays the intro/chorus notes. Pre-Chorus: (fiddle)
e /8-7/8-10-10-8-7-8-7-3-----------------------------|b -----------------------3--3--3--3~~~~--------------|g ---------------------------------------------------|d ---------------------------------------------------|a ---------------------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------------------|
Pre-chorus: guitar C - G - D - Am C - G - D - D~~~~~ Then stop when Dave King says "Why I'm such a selfish man" Then play the chorus/intro Interlude: guitar C - G - D - Em C - G - Em - Em~~~~~ fiddle just messes around on the 8th fret high "e" string Guitar Solo: is just a run of the Am pentatonic, with variations on the high "e" And that's it!
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