Flogging Molly – Spoken Wheel tab


Hm			Fm#
Your passin' broke the silence
        G	      A
On that dark October day
Hm			Fm#
The sun was headin' for the west
	G              A
As it did I heard you say
Hm			Fm#
I set my sail for a gentle breeze
	G	          A
Now I leave this world as it was meant to be
G		A	D	A	Hm
And you, did you listen to anything I said?
G		A	Hm
Did you ever listen to me?

Though now it seems you'll never know
But every lad to a man must grow
Till winter comes to celebrate
Then proudly chills the bone
When at last they bury me
Into this ground you'll someday see
And you, did you listen to anything I said?

G	A		D
Did you ever listen to me?

Though the face we wear
Sometimes seldom speaks
From the babe that cries
To this grown man's feet
May the hand still write
And its' heart shape keep
     G					Hm
Till our fathers, sons and daughters agree

Hm	A	G

      Hm	    A	      G
So I will pave this road till glory
      Hm	A      G
Sets our broken spirit free
      Hm         A                 G 
From every cross-soaked nail pours endless rain
      D	       A        Hm
With tears no eye should see
      Hm          A             G
But they could fill our highest ocean
      Hm       A       G
And the rivers in between
      Am	   	G			F
With every blade that flowers must grow then drown
C	G		E
With love our cruelest sea


Only canged the cords from ver1 so u dont need the capo.
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