Flogging Molly – Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon tab

A	D		E
You, you never looked so good
	A	D		E
Sipping life down like I wish I could
	  A		D		     E
But these sober tears are all that's left to shed
	D		  E
Sandy's soul, now made of bread

Face down beneath the rubble lies a man
Tales of the future already in the past
And of himself, well he hasn't much to say
But wake the gods, it's droodlin' day

A	E	D				E
He said, I left my home where the dead never rose
A		   E	            D		
But the streets of gold I've yet to find
A	E		D			E
And at the end of the day all you can do is pray
A	E				D		E
Without hope well you might as well be blind, yeah be blind

E				A	D	E
Tomorrow comes a day too soon
E				A	D	E 
Tomorrow comes a day too soon

Angel, sweet angel of my youth
Where have you gone? You flew away too soon
This brick I built now builds a higher wall
See it crumble, hear me fall
There hangs the fool, who once had it all


               D	       E
And though the road has yet to rise
            A	                      D
On these hundred years that passed me by
          D		     E
And the blood with the river flows
	     A			D
Through the crimson field never sung
And no never sung


	  A	  D		  E
Ahh well you, you never looked so good
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