Florence And The Machine – Never Let Me Go chords ver. 3

capo 4

i can't sing as high as florence (ha. like anyone can.) so i kind of transposed it 
with easy chords and a capo. 

{ (G)'s are optional }

G D looking up from underneath
Bmfractured moonlight on the sea
Areflections still look the same to me
as before i went under
G Dand it's peaceful in the deep
Bmcathedral where you cannot breathe
A no need to pray, no need to speak
Gnow i am under oh
Bmand it's breaking over me
Aa thousand miles down to the sea bed
Gfound a place to rest my head
(G) (G)(G)never let me go, never let me go
never let me go, never let me go
D Aand the arms of the ocean
Bm Gare carrying me
D Aand all this devotion
Bm Gwas rushing out of me
D Aand the crashes are heaven
Bm Gfor a sinner like me
D Aand the arms of the ocean
Bmdelivered me
G Dand it's over, and i'm going under
Bm Abut i'm not giving up, i'm just giving in
Bm Goh, slipping underneath
D Aooh, so cold and so sweet
basically that's it. any questions email me maggiemaeu@gmail.com play on!
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