Flotsam And Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace tab

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From: Kevin Phillips 

** No Place for Disgrace (Partial TAB)
** album 'No Place For Disgrace'
** TABBED by Kevin Phillips, kphill@iconz.co.nz

Hey! F&J are a pretty cool band so where is the TAB for these guys?!!
Take songs like 'She took an Axe', 'Dreams of Death', 'I Live You Die'
and the like...  Howz about somebody get tabbing!!  Take a look at this
pathetic attempt and laugh - Laugh at it so much that you just have to Tab
F&J correctly! There is a large amount of TAB missing, but perhaps these little
drips n' drabs will encourage you, or help you play the song?

Otherwise, please use this TAB as a guide to the song.  Then, using your
superior skills at transcribing, correct all the mistakes, fill in the gaps
and eMail me a copy (Please!)



INTRO:(With lots of variations (ie. listen to the song!) like a drop in
       Octave, Bass lines etc..)

RIFF A x 12: (Remember the variations!)e:-0--5--8--0--10--7--0--7--8--0--12--8--|b:---------------------------------------|g:---------------------------------------|D:---------------------------------------|A:---------------------------------------|E:---------------------------------------|
RIFF B x 8e:--------------------------------------------|b:--------------------------------------------|g:--------------------------------------------|D:---------44---------------------44--5-4-----|A:---------22---------5-3---------22--3-2-5-4-|E:-0-0-0-0----0-0-0-0-3-1-0-0-0-0---------3-2-|
RIFF C x 2(2 Guitars!)e:-5h6p5--5h6p5--5--6--8--6--5--6--5h6p5--5h6p5--\---------------------|b:-5h6p5--5h6p5--5--6--8--6--5--6--5h6p5--5h6p5---\--------------------|There is moreg:-------------------------------------------------\-------------------|but I never finishedD:---------------------------------------------------------------------|tabbing this riff!A:---------------------------------------------------\-----------------|E:----------------------------------------------------\----------------|
RIFF B x 4 LAST 4 Chords of RIFF B x 3 ringing chord for 1 bar
RIFF D x 4e:--------------------------------------------------|b:--------------------------------------------------|g:--------------------------------------------------|D:--------------------------------------------------|A:-----------------------3-3------------------3---5-|E:-000000000000000000000-1-1-00000000000000---1---3-| xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RIFF C x 2 RIFF B x 2 RIFF D x 4 RIFF C x 2 RIFF YYY Here.. Anybody? RIFF XXX Here
Acoustic Intelude:e:------------------------------------------------|b:-12--15--14--15--19--17--10--14--12--13--17--15-|g:------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------------------|
Second Guitar? Well, I'm Not surebut here are the BASS notes:g:------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------------------|E:-7----------10-----------5------------8---------|
RIFF E x 6(?) -(w/Lead Break.)e:-------------------------------------------|b:-------------------------------------------|g:-------------------------------------------|D:-------------------------------------------|A:-9---7-9-12---7----10-10-10-9--9--9--10-10-|E:-7---5-7-10---5----8--8--8--7--7--7--8--8--| x x x x x x x x
Some Fills, then its.. RIFF D x 4 RIFF C x 2 RIFF YYY again! RIFF XXX And to the end!!! Well, that must be one of the most incomplete and lazy tab's I have ever done! I hope that somebody might find a use for it.. Perhaps to help them finish doing a Tab of the song themselves!!
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