Flying Burrito Brothers - Down In The Churchyard tab

Down In The Churchyard     

Intro: D Dsus4 D  G G6 G

           G           C               G   F C
There is a man, a tall man, follows no one 
F   C    G                 C    
Out in a storm can he stay warm
from all the things that heīs done 

G                            C          
Oh the city lights are such pretty lights
Bb                 C               G   
Canīt he  move on, tell him itīs alright 
Bb                 C               G   
Sing your song and say that itīs alright 
           D    Dsus4 D  G G6 G   D Dsus4 D  G G6 G
Say itīs alright 

There is a man, a crippled man, is he soldier 
Can his new wife live out her life 
the way he told her 

Oh see her pride, I see it burning bright 
Be a scream and say thatīs itīs alright 
Shake your fist and tell him itīs alright 
Say itīs alright 

Where you have been is not a sin, itīs where youīre going 
Hurt anyone by what youīve done 
and it starts showing 

Although you canīt complain about the wind and the rain 
You gather down in the churchyard just the same 
You want everyone to wash away the stain 
Itīs very claim 

Intro 2 X

By: José Duarte
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