Flyleaf - In The Dark chords version 1

song; in the dark
artist; flyleaf
tuning; Drop D
submitted by; jilmark I. factor (jilmark_vampire)
text me; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb;

(do chords;Em-G-;)I've written songs in the dark
I've felt inspired in the dark I hide myself in the dark Used to be afraid of the dark Those in the light know we die in the dark
(do chords;Em-G-Bm;)There's only artificial light here
My flaws hide well here I used to be afraid of cluttered noises Now I'm afraid of silence
G-F#mFill this space, idle words
(do chords; Em-A-G-F#m-;)I'm scared to death of light and silence
Jesus, kill me inside this
A-GRaise me up to live again
A-GLike you did, like you did
(co stanza chords) Now I am mute, despite myself All of them are gone The silence overtakes me The idle words forsake me And I am left to face me I'm held accountable For every idle word Curse the idle words --repeat chorus--
Em-F#-G-AGlory shows up
Exposes us
Bbm-BmI'm naked here
Forsaken here, by the dark, by the dark DAMN THE DARK! --repeat chorus--
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