Flyleaf – Dear My Closest Friend chords

C Am F# F#Dear my closest friend, I'm writing because, I miss you so much At night i
C C Am F#always cry. The stillness still reminds me, Of when we first fell inlove, and
CI miss that so much, Dear my closest friend.
C C Am F#Dear my closest friend, I remember when, you asked me to stay, and i just
C C Am F#walked away, I apologize. And then my letter sent, I lost that moment, I lost
C C Am that moment, seconds at a time. Seconds at a time, I wait for your answer,
F# (pause) C but I already know........your hand was always mine. (Am, F#, C) Your hand
(C, Am, F#, C) C Cwas always miiiiiiiiiine. Your hand was always mine. Dear my closest friend,
Am F#I'm writing because, I miss you so much.
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