Flyleaf - Set Apart This Dream chords

Set Apart This Dream

Intro: E A2 Bsus4 C#m E

Verse 1:
EClose your eyes, little girl,
A2 Bsus4 C#mYou're a princess now. You own this world.
ETwirling in your twirly dress,
C#m A2 Bsus4 EYou're the loveliest, far above the rest.
Verse 2:
A2 Bsus4 C#mYou build your castles in the skies,
EStars reflecting off your eyes,
A2 Bsus4 C#mAnd angels sing on silver clouds,
EAnd no one cries, screams, or shouts.
A2 Bsus4 EOh, set apart this dream.
A2 C#m E Bsus4Oh, set apart this dream for me.
A2 Bsus4 C#m ESet apart this dream for me.
Verse 3:
EClose your eyes, pretty girl.
A2 Bsus4 C#m'Cause it's easier when you brace yourself.
ESet your thoughts on a world far off,
C#m Bsus4 EWhere we only cry from joy.
A2 C#m E Bsus4Oh, lovely and beautiful, precious and priceless,
A2 C#m E Bsus4You're so much more than you know, heart of the purest gold.
A2 C#m E Bsus4Pure, clean, and white as snow, clothed in such splendor,
A2 C#m EOh, what a beauty for me.
Outro: C#m A2 Bsus4 E
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