Flys - Shes So Huge tab

Author/Artist: The Flys
Title: She's So Huge
Transcribed by: Chris Arnold

Not hard. Cool song. Have fun. I'm not going to write out the strumming patterns, 
because it's pointless with the simplicity of the song.


Intro/Verses (repeat):E-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-1----4----6----8--|A-1----4----6----8--|D-1----4----6----8--|
Pre-chorus (repeat):E-----|B-----|G-----|D--6--|A--6--|D--6--|
Chorus (repeat):E-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-1----3----4----6--|A-1----3----4----6--|D-1----3----4----6--|
Background Thing (br=bend, release):E-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-7brbrbr--6brbrbr--7brbrbr--6brbrbr--|D-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|
There you go.====
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