Fm Static – Lost In You chords

Great song! Especially for worship... Just to let you know, all of the chords 
given are POWER CHORDS. If you want to use open chords, there's probably a few 
minor chords in there, but I don't know which ones. Anyhoo. Hope this is useful!


C You light up my sky
Fjust like a firefly
E Your word's are more than just a
Dpassing breath
C I wanna feel alive,
FI need you in my life,
E You're like a photograph
Dnever changing
C I've seen you many places
FAnd I still feel the same
E Your love's electric I can
Dfeel it when you touch me
CNo one but you could make me
FFeel like I wanna change
E I got this feeling that
Dtoday's gonna be a good day
C F E DAnd I just want to get lost in you, again
C F E DAnd I just want to get lost in you
CAnd we laugh and we turn
FAnd we live and we learn
A GAnd we fight because we care
CAnd we lose and we love
FAnd we push and we shove
A GUntil there's nothing left to lose
Repeat at will!!!
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