Moon tab with lyrics by Foals - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Foals – Moon tab

So, no-one has tabbed this incredible finale to "Holy Fire" - But as I plan to make a 
Youtube Cover at I shall try to tab by ear

The Chords are fairly straightforward

Chords for the first half -

Em  A   Bm   Bm

Then when the Organ is solo and get's loud -

Em  D   G    G    until the end of the song

The Intro to the song uses harmonics, muting, and a delay pedal

Em A Bm Bme--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----5h--------5h-------5h-------5h--------5h------5h-7h----5h------5h----|G-----------------5h----------------12h--------------------------------7h--|D--0------0--0-------0-------0--0--------0------0--0------0------0--0------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
So, you can play around with it, especially when you play Yannis' part up higher on the guitar. I recommend playing around in the E scale -
e------------|B-12-15-17---| Basically, stick roughly to this plan, stick on aG------------| great deal of delay, and get those organ sounds out //D------------|A------------|E------------|
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