Focus – Happy Nightmare Mescaline chords

Em D EmOn a once in a life mescaline.
G A BFloating over a mountain, make the scene.
Bm A F CStep off into the sun, feel the blood through your run,
Am D EmOn a once in a life mescaline.
Have a nightmare life long, live it through, (Taste the beauty of a sweet red wine), Grab for air, see your skin turning blue, (Smell the freshness of the grass beneath the pines). There's a man with three heads, There's a girl with three beds, See they're both running fast after me, (Gonna catch you, gonna fill you full of love). ---Here it modulates up 1/2 step, so you can either quickly put a capo on the 1st fret play the same as above, or play the following chords---
Bbm D# FmHave your head filled to the top with big pearls,
(Feel the softness of a wild mountain silk),
G# Bb Csus4 CThen you hear someone's dead in the world,
(Sink your body in a cold bath of milk)
Cm BbYou can bet your sweet life
F# C#That they fought with a knife,
Bbm D FmSee they're all running fast after me,
(Wanna kiss you, run their fingers through your hair). Get a feeling deep inside that you're dead, (Can't you hear the clock of life ticking loud?), Try to run from the snake pit in your bed, (Then you find what you thought could not be found). Smell the nearness of the grave, Wonder if you can be saved, Oh the world's still running fast after me, (When they get you, gonna give you everything).
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