Fogerty John – The Old Man Down The Road tab ver. 2

E7 He take-a thunder from the mountain G He take-a lightnin' from the sky A He bring the strong man to his beggin' knees E7 He make the young girl's mama cry CHORUS: E7 You got to hidey-hide G You got to jump and run A You got to hidey-hidey-hide C D E7 The old man is down the road Verse 2: He got the voices speakin' riddles He got eyes as black as coal He got a suitcase covered with rattlesnake hide And he stands right in the road (chorus, with "away" added to end of 2nd line) (instrumental, same pattern as chorus) Verse 3: He make the river call your lover He make the barking of the hound Put a shadow 'cross the window When the old man comes around (chorus; this time, add "again" to end of 2nd line and sing 4th line twice) there's alot of this:
|----16----16-16---16-16\---------------||---------------------------------------| ---(mute this string)|-/16---16------16----------------------||---------------------------b(8)7--5----||------------------------------------7--||---------------------------------------|
and this bass run:
I'm still working on this one:
You may not be able to play all these parts by yourself; I know I can't. Fogerty MUST have had multiple guitars/tracks doing them (that's my story and I'm sticking with it). Tab notes: --8b(9)-- play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach the pitch of fret nine --b(9)8-- play fret eight already bent to the pitch of fret nine, releasing until it reaches the normal pitch of fret eight -8b(8.5)- play fret eight, bend the string (at fret eight) to reach the pitch a half note higher than the normal pitch of fret eight ---15\--- play fret 15, slide down (the ending fret of the slide is undefined, judge by ear)
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