Folly And The Hunter – Cost chords

First tab ever, so I'm sure that it isn't completly right, but it sounds pretty. Listen 
to the song for timing. Enjoy. Oh, and greetings from Russia! :)

Intro/Varse riff:

C F C Ge---------------------------------------------|B------1--------1--------1----------0---------|G----0---0----2---2----0---0---0--------------|D---2-2-2----3-3-3----2-2-2-----0----0--------|A-3-----------------3-------------2-----------|E----------1-----------------3----------------|
C F C GWaited until the guards left then I snuck into open arms
C F C GPast impassible boundaries to places that I could restart
C F C GNow the moment is over and you made a familiar choice.
C F C GSo I’m getting much colder as I succumb to inner voices
F CBut the moment was a enough
F C GI don't care how much it cost
C F C GI was watching you laughing, looking into this city’s scars
C F C GMaybe this would be lasting, someday I would learn who you are
C F C GBut instead I’ll leave no trace, if I did things would come apart
C F C GIt would be in the worst way, those damned rapids would take you far.
Interlude: C F C G (aah-ah) Chorus:
F CBut the moment was a enough
F C GI don't care how much it cost
F CAnd sadly I am not
F C G The faithful lover that first caught.
C FYour heart!
C GHeart!
Ends with C F C G (aah-ah) Official website of Folly and the Hunter:
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