Foo Fighters – Exhausted tab ver. 2

Foo Fighters - Exhausted
(Drop D tuning)

-Slow tempo each verse chords strummed 6 times.
-The chords Bb and A are played 8 times each and
G 16 time after verse on a faster tempo.
-Live, Dave often likes to add is pinky finger on the "Am"
(on the 3rd fret of the e String) for some strums.
- Listen to the recording and it should be easy. There is an acoustic version flying around some places, which helped me a lot getting rhythm. 

Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am Bb A Ge||--1--1--0--0--0--0--|-----------||B||--3--3--1--1--1--1--|-----------||G||--2--0--0--2--0--2--|-----------||D||--0--0--3--2--3--2--|--8--7--5--||A||-----2--3--0--3--0--|--8--7--5--||D||--------0-----0-----|--8--7--5--||
Chorus F G A F D F D F D F De||----------------------------------||b||----------------------------------||g||----------------------------------||d||----------------------------------||a||--3-5-7-3-0-3-0--3-0-3-0----------||d||--3-5-7-3-0-3-0--3-0-3-0-4-5-7~\--||
F G A F D F D F D F De||-------------------------------------------||b||-------------------------------------------||g||-------------------------------------------||d||-------------------------------------------||a||--3-5-7-3-0-3-0--3-0-3-0-------------------||d||--3-5-7-3-0-3-0--3-0-3-0-4--5-7-10-10-10\--||
Interlude before verse 3 - strum each 8 times approx)e||-------------------------------------||b||-------------------------------------||g||---7-----3-----7---------------------||d||---7-----3-----7---------------------||a||---5-----1-----5---------------------||d||---5-----1-----5---------------------||
Lyrics & Tempo (Verse 1) I'm not around that much running exhausted and lost. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am If it could be undone will it have costed? It's taught and lost. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am Bb A G (Verse 2) Blowing away we stray, wilted insuited, at fault. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am What if the day had stayed in bed. These baubles we've brought at fault. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am Bb A G (Chorus) F G A F D F D F D F D (Verse 3) After the bliss has long ended this caution this fault. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am Give me a breeze that's long winded accosted adult arrested. Dm G7 F9 Am F9 Am Bb A G (Chorus) F G A F D F D F D F D (Verse - with no lyrics) ___________________________
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