Foo Fighters – The Colour And The Shape tab

Song: The Colour And The Shape
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Monkey Wrench Single

I know, you are probably looking for the The Colour And The Shape album tabs
right? Well, the Foo's actually have a song called "The Colour And The Shape". It
is on the UK Monkey Wrench single. I just started listening to it, and it is one
of those wild, crazy songs... sorta like "Weenie Beenie" from their first album,
and it seems like it has some grunge thrown in. The song is kind of confusing to
play, but you should get the hang of it. 

The intro kind of resembles "My Poor Brain", you know, it is all jumbled up and
just noises and feedback. And the interlude has the same crazy jumbled noises as
in the intro.

So here it is:

Verse:e||-----------------------------------||B||-------------------------------9\--||G||-----------------------------------||D||-----------------------------------||A||-----------------------------------||E||--2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0---^18-18-18------||[On the bend, begin, at the first note and finish the bend on the last one.]
You're a real short ride. Wow right! It'll beat you’s up anyway. That's right! You're a teachers pet. Wow Right! Sit and bleach one anyway. That's why!
Colour and the Shape! Colour and the Shape! [verse] No sweat yeah. Wow Right! You're a retard anyway. That's right! Stand to beat your ass away. Wow right! Instead a river boy runs away. That's right! [chorus] Colour and the shape! Colour and the... Shape! [x12]
[chorus] And that is it. If you have any questions, email me at
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